Build your first website in a day!

Saturdays 9:30am - 4:30pm

Enter the world of web development and learn the skills that web developers use each and every day to build websites in a friendly hands-on workshop with Jack Watson-Hamblin, a long time programmer and teacher.

We start off the day building the foundations of our website with HTML, getting to understand how it affects our content and things like SEO and content shared on social media.

Moving on in the day we will add the design to our website with CSS, the styling language of the internet. We'll learn how to create common website layouts, manage fonts and colours, and even add some small animations.

Finally we will finish with a Q&A on working with developers, a lot of the jargon they use, and what it takes to become a full time web developer.

This workshop is perfect for anyone wishing to dip their toes into web development if they're curious in a career as a web developer or for anyone who works with web developers and wants to be able to communicate with them better.

Preparing for class

This is a hands on workshop so you will need to bring a laptop with you, as long as you can browse the internet on it you can program on it. Please also visit then download and install the software. If you're using a work computer and can't install software please contact us ahead of time so we can have a solution ready for you.

Please also download Google Chrome and be ready to use that your browser in class.


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